Guidance for curriculum of S1S2 Semester

Department of Systems Innovation Students The master course students must attend, as there is an explanation regarding the required subjects. If the doctoral course students are planning to take the project classes, please attend the guidance.   Date:3rd Apr. 2020(Fri)16:50~ Place:Engineering bldg.3rd lecture room 31 Please refer to → Guidance for curriculum_Ver200206

“Systems innovation academic networking” 22 Nov.

“Systems innovation academic networking”

We hereby announce the event “Systems innovation academic networking”, which will be held on 22 November. This event will provide you with an opportunity to make academic networking between current graduate students and alumni of the department. The detail of the event is as follows. Date: From 1pm to 5pm, 22 November 2019. Venue: Rooms 422/423/424, 3rd Eng. Bld. ・13:00-14:30 Part I (Research presentation by current graduate students) ・14:30-14:40 Short break ・14:40-16:10 Part II(Ongoing activity presentation by alumni) ・16:10-17:00 Informal gathering for discussions In Part I, you, current graduate students, will give poster presentation on your research (or on research activity in your laboratory). More than 2 graduate students (mainly M1 students) from each laboratory are encouraged to join the event and give poster presentations/listen to presentations from other laboratories. Please deepen your understanding on research activities in the whole department. Your presentation to alumni is to show them recent research updates. (Here, the maximum size of poster is one piece of A1, that is, 8 pieces of A4. You can use your laptop alternatively, although using a projector is not allowed.) In Part II, alumni will give poster presentations on their ongoing activities. Since this part will be helpful for you to think about your future career, you are encouraged to interact with as many alumni as possible. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, some laboratories are not assigned to give presentations. Even so, you are encouraged to join the event and make academic networking. (Please contact your supervisor about whether your laboratory is assigned to give presentations or not.) On behalf of all the staff in the department, we are looking forward to your participation and presentation. Kiyoshi Izumi (Head of Department) Kazuhiro Aoyama, Takashi Goda, Tomoya Kawabata, Hideki Fujii (Organizers) Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

International Lunch 7/23

International Lunch and group talk session with students from Khalifa University of Science and Technology(KU),Abu Dhabi, UAE Date:Tuesday 23rd July 2019 Time:11:30-13:30 Place:Room 413, 4th Floor, Engineering Building No.3 Fee: Free Number of students:  5 (female students only) ≪How to Apply≫ Send us an e-mail with your following information Name (2) Nationality (3) Age (4) male/female (5) Department/Course E-mail subject: International lunch Detail will be sent to participants by e-mail. Send to:   About us: Masuda Lab, Department of Systems Innovation, Eng. Bldg. No.3, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo 東京大学大学院工学系研究科システム創成学専攻・増田研究室 Intenational lunch2019    

Open Campus for the parents

We had ”Open Campus for Parents” last Saturday (22nd Sep. 2018). About 200 parents whose children are now studying in Systems Innovation (and related departments) visited Eng. Bldg. #3. We hope that the parents would be interested in our education and researches in the department of System Innovation. All the students who attended this event as an assistant helped this event very well and parents looked happy to talk to them. Thank you very much indeed!