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羽柴 公博

Global Circulation System

HASHIBA Kimihiro

Assoc. Prof.
Department of Systems Innovation,Faculty of Engineering,The University of Tokyo
Resource development, Mining system, Time-dependence, Long-term behavior, Mechanical model
hashiba(at)sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp※Please replace (at) with @ and send mail.

Innovation in Resource Engineering

Innovation in Resource Engineering

Innovation in Resource Engineering

Sophisticated mining system

For the large-scale and efficient mine development, it is necessary to improve the performance of mining machines. I have developed computer simulator and performnce assessment method which consider mechanical properties of rock as well as mining machines. As an example of their application, I am also researching the mining system of deep seabed mineral resources.

Long-term usage of underground structures

Underground spaces are widely used for resource development, transportation, storage, and waste disposal. For the long-term maintenance and stability assessment of these underground structures, it is essential to understand the time-dependent behavior of rock. I have developed precise and efficient test methods and researched the time-dependent behavior of rock through laboratory test and field measurement.

Geomechanical modeling

Numerical modeling and computer simulation are important tools for estimating long-term rock behavior in the deep underground. I have proposed numerical models for reproducing the time-dependent deformation and failure of rock under various stress states, especially triaxial and tensile stress states. These models will be used for the design of mines, tunnels, and high-level radioactive waste repositories.

Faculty member