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In the Department of Systems Innovation, students are aimed at establishing basic discipline and learning sciences for systems innovation from comprehensive and field-independent perspectives. To achieve that, we provide lectures of advanced or beyond-disciplinary knowledge related to the key areas constituting the systems innovation studies. We also give students the opportunity to choose basic engineering in their own field and learn of their own initiative, including basic lectures and exercises. Applied exercises for acquiring creative thinking and practical application skills are also available.


We offer lectures on advanced knowledge related to the key fields that make up sciences for systems innovation, or those from beyond-disciplinary perspectives, and fundamental science lectures constituting the basis of individual engineering domains.


Systems Innovation Projects (Special Program)
Students of different research fields and specialties organize a group, combine their expertise and skills, set up complex problems to be solved, and conduct joint research projects under the guidance of advisers. Students are aimed at acquiring practical ability in collaboration and creative activities.
Systems Innovation Projects (Core Discipline)
To establish an academic field that can be the professional foundation of each person, students select one subject from various basic engineering subjects, and learn in basic textbooks under the supervision of an advisory teacher. The goal of this project is to reach a level of knowledge that enables students to take charge of undergraduate education.
Systems Innovation Projects (Core Skill)
Under the guidance of the advisory teacher, students voluntarily make plan and conduct researches, experiments, product development, other projects, etc. Through presenting and discussing their achievements, the students are aimed at acquiring ability for practical application of the contents they learned.
Systems Innovation Projects (Group Work)
Basically as an intensive course in summer, students participate in various contests and work together to solve problems in collaboration with many people. In this project, students participate in the solar boat competition held in the Lake Biwa every year.
Systems Innovation Projects (Laboratory Work)
Students will conduct basic experiments on the basic technologies in several laboratories. They are aimed at experiencing research content in a wide range of fields and acquiring the skills.
Advanced Practice on Systems Innovation
Credits will be recognized according to the duration and content of student activities outside the university, such as trainings, researches, surveys, or practical works, at companies, research institutes, or overseas.


Advance Seminar on Systems Innovation
Students participate in research meetings other than their own laboratory, and make presentations. Students are aimed at conducting their own research from a broad perspective.
English for science and technology
Special Lecture on Systems Innovation (Lectures on the real world and advanced science provided by lecturers from outside the university)