◆Information on Regular Admission◆
 Information sessions are scheduled for April 26 and May 25.


Admission Information for International Students

The Department of Systems Innovation offers advanced study and research opportunities to international students. Master’s and Doctoral courses will lead to the corresponding degrees respectively in two years and three years. Lectures and instructions for research are given generally in English. Japanese language courses are optionally available.

There are various types of application procedures for the graduate programs in the Department of Systems Innovation. You can see brief information of each procedure in this page.

Regular Admission

Entrance Examination

There is an entrance examination at the end of August. (Application period will be around the beginnings of July.) The examination is carried out either in Japanese or in English. Successful applicants can enroll in the department in September of the same year or in April of the following year. Those who wish to apply to this process must submit an application form and required documents with an examination fee to the office of Graduate School of Engineering. Useful information regarding the regular admission process is available on the following web page.

Admissions Information for Graduate School (General Admission), School of Engineering Department of Systems Innovation: Regular Admission

(Postgraduate International Research Student-Non Degree Program)

One of the reasons for foreign students to become a post graduate international research student is to prepare themselves before taking an entrance examination of the master/doctoral course. Those who wish to enter the department as a graduate research student at first need to apply to the Office of International Students (OIS).For the detailed information please see the following web page.

Application for Graduate Research Students

Special Admission

Special Graduate Program

Special Graduate Program was established to provide advanced education to promising, qualified students from all around the world. Admitted students through this program, directly enter the Master or Doctoral program of the Department of Systems Innovation. Applicants have to apply for the program through “T-cens” on-line application system, and receive the primary evaluation based on academic qualification, which does not require applicants to come to Japan to take an entrance examination.

The Graduate School of Engineering will recommend a select few students who demonstrate outstanding merit to the scholarship sponsors.

The website below provides the instruction of how to apply.

Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering

Chinese Scholarship Council (国家建設高水平公派研究生項目)

Please first read the eligibility part of the Guideline from the following website.

If you are eligible and intend to apply for the program, we strongly recommend you to contact your prospective supervisor initially. For more information, please check the website below:

Chinese Scholarship Council

MEXT Scholarship by Embassy Recommendation

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) will offer scholarship for international students by embassy recommendation. Those who wish to apply this program should contact the Japanese embassy in your country and submit an application form and required documents to the embassy. Those who pass the preliminary selection by the embassy, please check the next process at our school in the following web page.

MEXT scholarship by embassy recommendation