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Privacy Policy

Pursuant to “Regulations on Measures for Proper Control of Personal Information Possessed by The University of Tokyo”, National University Cooperation The University of Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “The University of Tokyo”) will protect the rights and interests of individuals while securing the appropriate and smooth operation of its procedures and projects relating to the handling of personal information.

Personal Information
Personal Information refers to the information relating to each individual user and includes those items constituting the said information such as his/her name, address, telephone number, email address, place of work, date of birth and any other registered items, etc. whereby each individual user can be identified.

Personal Information Control Manager
The following organizations shall be responsible for controlling the personal information of each individual user.

Department of Systems Innovations,School of Engineering,the Univ. of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku 113-8656 Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5841-6962 or 6963 Fax: +81-3-5841-0652
E-mail:office(at)sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp *

* Please replace (at) with @ and send mail.

Acquisition of Personal Information
Users may be requested to provide their personal information in making an inquiry to The University of Tokyo. The University of Tokyo automatically receives from the browser of users the information on their IP address, cookie, the webpages they have browsed, usage environment, etc. and then records such information on the server.

Purposes of Acquiring Personal Information
・To reply to inquiries
・To understand the usage situation for properly operating and controlling the website

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party
The personal information of users will not be disclosed to any third party in principle without the consent of users themselves; provided, however, that if any event specified in the following items occurs or has occurred, the personal information may be disclosed without the consent of users to the extent that any related law or regulation is not violated.
i) If any judicial or administrative agency including the court and the police or any other person equivalent to them has made an inquiry legally;
ii) If a relevant user has violated any law or regulation or any rule set by The University of Tokyo or such user has been judged being unacceptable under normal social conventions;
iii) If The University of Tokyo has determined that the relevant disclosure is necessary to protect the rights or interests of itself, users or any other third parties;
iv) If the personal information is subject to aggregation, analysis, etc. for the purpose of improving services or the like; or
v) If what have been obtained through the aggregation, analysis, etc. mentioned in the immediately preceding item are disclosed or provided to any third party including alliance partners in a manner not to identify or specify any individual.

Use of Statistical Data
The University of Tokyo might create the data that has been processed in a manner not to identify any individual based on the personal information provided by users. The University of Tokyo may use the statistical data without any limitation as long as such data cannot identify any individual.

Unsolicited Emails
The University of Tokyo will never support or accept the emails that are delivered to users without their solicitation.

The University of Tokyo has put in place internal rules and systems pursuant to “The University of Tokyo Security Policy” and accordingly has been safely handling personal information and the information system to deal with it.

Revision in Privacy Policy
In the future, The University of Tokyo might make a revision in all or a part of its approach towards privacy. If there is a substantial change, users will be notified in an easy-to-understand manner through the website of The University of Tokyo.