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About receiving and sending parcels (delivery services)


■Delivery services such as Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, DHL, FedEx (not a JP Japan Post service)
Please ask sender to write not only your name but also building name, department name , your laboratory name, room number and your phone number to receive your parcels at your laboratory room.

Please Note : Postal service by Japan Post : Delivered to Dept., Office then mail box in the mail room.

Delivery services (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, DHL, FedEx ): Delivered to your room.

■Please ask sender to write

  • Building No,
  • Department name
  • Laboratory name
  • Laboratory room number
  • Your name
  • Your phone number

■Specify the delivery date and time that you can be receive the parcel by yourself.

■Display a memo of other room number where someone may receive your parcel instead
EX) If you are absent, please deliver to Room 499.

■If we receive a parcel at the Office, we will place it to the mail box in the mail room without informing.
If the parcel is too big to fit in the mailing box, we put a memo in the post and put the box on the floor. The Department Office cannot pay for the Cash on delivery.


■Shipping by carry-on

  • (1) Lawson: Cash payment only
  • (2) CO-OP shop: Cash or bill payment

■Shipping pickup request to your laboratory
Please contact the Delivery services.

Campus life guide