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山田 知典

Design of Advanced Knowledge

YAMADA Tomonori

Assoc. Prof.
Department of Systems Innovation,Faculty of Engineering,The University of Tokyo
High Performance Computing, Computational Mechanics, Machine Learning, Multiphysics Simulation
tyamada(at)sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp※Please replace (at) with @ and send mail.

High Performance Simulation for Safer Society

High Performance Simulation for Safer Society

High Performance Simulation of Important Structures

The foundation of our society is important structures built during the period of high economic growth. We need to use these important structures more safely to protect people's important lives. For this purpose, we conduct research and development that contributes to disaster prevention and mitigation using advanced computing resources such as supercomputers and high performance computing technologies.

Multi-physics Simulation

Many problems in the real world involve multi-physics phenomena, and in the design of advanced mechanical systems, multi-physics evaluation is indispensable. In order to simulate multi-physics phenomena on a computer efficiently, powerful simulation tools for detailed analysis of individual mechanical phenomenon and systematization techniques for coupling the respective mechanical phenomena are required. In this theme, research and development of multi-physics simulation technology is carried out mainly focusing on fluid-structure interaction problem.

*The above figure indicates simulation results of flapping wing with elastic deformation. In this study, flight ability of various flapping motions is computed.

Faculty member