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大澤 幸生

Design of Advanced Knowledge


Department of Systems Innovation,Faculty of Engineering,The University of Tokyo
Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
chance discovery, innovators marketplace on data jackets, visualization and valuation of data, design of data and its market, analysis of actions and communications
ohsawa(at)sys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp※Please replace (at) with @ and send mail.

Discover Chances in Data Toward Innovations

Discover Chances in Data Toward Innovations

Discover Chances in Data Toward Innovations

Discover Chances in Data Toward Innovations

Designing Innovators’ Marketplace of Data

Valuable data are not easily released. However, the disclosure of data gets to be easier if people make a plan of using and combining data before proceeding to sharing data with limited others – this is the principle of a new data collaboration society, that is, the market of data. Here, we position the market of data as a basis for data-driven innovations, aided by technologies we develop i.e., "data jacket" for smoothing creative communications and AI technologies such as "discovery without learning" for answering “why” in businesses.

Meta-sensing: A system for sustainable data collection and management

When a new value is felt somewhere, a person uses his eyes and hands to be connected to and understand things nearby and in the vicinity, to explain the value. Similarly, we develop a methodology to continuously collect and connect data that should be analyzed in an integrated manner, such as weather and consumption data in addition to the behavior of customers, in line with business requirements. Based on that analysis, individuals and firms sustain the activity and the creativity of the organization.

Data Analysis and Visualization: Fundamental Technology for Chance Discovery

We are developing technologies to analyze and visualize data on the conversations and actions of consumers, financial/retail business, medical diagnosis/treatments, and earthquakes. Changes in the environment and emergence of new values are detected and explained from data visualization – a driving force of the sustainable reinforcement of data market via the designing/marketing of products/services/values.

Continue your actions, never stop.

Faculty member