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柴沼 一樹

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Assoc. Prof.
Department of Systems Innovation,Faculty of Engineering,The University of Tokyo
Fracture mechanics, Structural integrity
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Constructing innovative and practical dynamic models

Constructing innovative and practical dynamic models

Constructing innovative and practical dynamic models

Innovations in modelling strategies for structural integrity

Fracture and deformation phenomena typically occur under extreme conditions in solids and structures. If we can understand such phenomena, we can reasonably control them in actual structures. The concept of structural integrity is one of the most fundamental and important themes in the field of engineering. It can be realised by models that appropriately simulate fractures/damages based on mathematics and physics. Our research group is making innovations in the modelling strategies for the structural integrity.

Clarification of fracture phenomena by multiscale synthesis

Fractures are extremely complicated phenomena. Even using the latest measurement technologies, only limited aspects of a fracture can be captured. Our group is developing theories to explain the entire fracture phenomenon based on the synthesis and integration of multiple models to simulate multiscale governing factors.

Maintenance theories based on aging damage predictions

Establishing maintenance systems for existing structures is an urgent issue in developed societies. Our group is developing innovative systems that can drastically improve the efficiency of conventional maintenance. By integrating phenomenological and statistical approaches we assess the aging damage of structural materials such as fatigue and creep in large-scale structures.

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