Awards and Commendations

【Awards and Commendations】Bing Xiao(D3) received “SAMPE Japan Scholarship Award”(Best Student Award)


【Awards and Commendations】Bing Xiao(D3) received "SAMPE Japan Scholarship Award"(Best Student Award)

1.Name Bing Xiao

2.Faculty/Graduate School, Department (Stream / Program) / Major Department of Systems Innovation, D3

3.Name of award and short explanation about the award SAMPE Japan Scholarship Award (Best Student Award: Japan branch of advanced materials technology association selects only one student per year)

4.About awarded research: Improvement of manufacturing methods and mechanical properties of discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics aiming to various application expand of recycled carbon fiber

5.Your impression & future plan: I am deeply honored to receive this prestigious award. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Professor Takahashi for his continuous contributions and everything, as well as to all laboratory members. With the booming development of artificial intelligence, electrification and sharing economy, innovative material is expected widespread to adapt to modern society and sustainable development. I will keep devoting myself to research activities related to the implementation of innovative composite material that conform to new needs of future society.



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