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 Information sessions are scheduled for April 26 and May 25.

Campus life guide

About using the classroom (lecture room, seminar room, meeting room)

Booking is required at any time to be in the classrooms.
Private use of classrooms (lecture room, seminar room, conference room) is not permitted. For self-study, please use the lounge, library, and laboratory room.
The Department Office does not accept classroom reservations from students, so please be sure to ask the following applicable faculty member for using and booking the classroom.

Use related to lectures : Ask the professor or lecturer in charge of that lecture.
Students after being assigned to the laboratory : Ask the supervisor(professor) in your laboratory.
Students before being assigned to the laboratory : Ask your Mentors, Big Brother / Big Sister faculty members

To all students

Booking is required at any time to be in this room

Following rooms are strictly forbidden to use without booking even if the room is not occupied.
If you wish to use these rooms,please ask your professor or secretary to book the room through booking system.

2nd floor:lecture room 31,32 / Meeting room 217
3rd floor:lecture room 33 / Meeting room 309,317,320,321TMI,322TMI,331,328TMI
4th floor:lecture room 34,35 / Meeting room 411,413,415,422,423,424,432,438,441

For self-studying,please use the library or lounge which don’t need booking.

1st floor:Library
3rd floor:Lounge space between room 319 and 320.
4th floor:Lounge space between room 421 and 422. Also, between438 and lecture room 34.

Department Office【ext:26993】

Campus life guide