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Awards and Commendations

【Awards and Commendations】Ohsawa-Hayashi Laboratory received the Yokohama City Open Data Special Achievement Award


On March 5, 2022, the Ohsawa-Hayashi Laboratory received the Yokohama City Open Data Special Achievement Award


〈Name of award and short explanation about the award〉

Award name: Yokohama City Open Data Special Achievement Award

The City of Yokohama has organized the Yokohama Open Data Development Committee to promote voluntary activities by citizens to share and utilize open data not only for academic purposes but also for various businesses and the improvement of daily life. This is a cutting-edge activity in Japan in the sense that it is centered on voluntary activities by citizens aiming for innovation in various contexts in their daily lives and businesses, with strong support from the city government and universities. This award came to be presented by the Yokohama Open Data Development Committee, which is coming to a developmental conclusion after 10 years of activity in the city of Yokohama, to three organizations that have made significant contributions over the past 10 years.


〈About awarded research〉

From the early stages of Yokohama City's open data activities, Ohsawa-Hayashi-Laboratory has contributed to the cataloging and value creation of Yokohama City's open data by providing data co-creation support technologies, such as the originally developed Data Jacket. The laboratory has also led to the creation of businesses by conducting numerous workshops using its proprietary technology with many citizens, and has developed a data utilization process that enables people who do not have the technology to directly access data to promote it. As a result, the award was presented by the Yokohama Open Data Solution Development Committee, in the event of International Open Data Day of Yokohama, supported by the Yokohama City Policy Bureau and the Yokohama City Digital Headquarters.


Your impression & future plan

There are many data utilization projects that have resulted from our various data co-creation support technologies and co-creation activities based on the "data jacket" concept. However, what has tended to remain hidden in the recent focus on big data and AI technologies is the effectiveness of data-related communication in "creating new human connections.” By combining knowledge about various events before they were digitized, and also connecting models of their dynamics, we can grasp new phenomena, and in the process, we can respect the knowledge of others, form relationships, and create a materially and spiritually rich society. The connection of the minds of Yokohama citizens was the driving force that enabled to take advantage of data-federative innovation, and we will continue our activities to further develop a widely-useful literacy to create connections and create values for all people and spread it throughout the entire nation and the world.


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