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【Awards】One-two finish at the Student Bridge Contest Japan Tournament!


【Awards】One-two finish at the Student Bridge Contest Japan Tournament!

On December 3, 2021, two teams from Takahashi Lab won the first and second place in IHI/SAMPE Japan Student Bridge Contest. The winning team will participate in the World Championships in North Carolina, USA in May 2022 as a representative of Japan.


<About the award>

The bridges made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics that can withstand the design load (7,200lbf ≒ 3,266kgf) are ranked in order of light weight. The winning team was a bridge weighing only 670g and withstanded a load of 8,486lbf. This is a good result that medals are expected at the world championships.


<About the winning teams>

Winning team name: Cool Dock

Members: Ruochen Xu (Leader, D1), Zihao Zhao (D1), Weizhao Huang (D1), Yota Nakamura (M2), Kota Yokomizo (4 years)

Maximum load capacity: 8,486lbf

Bridge weight: 670g

2nd place team name: Road to 7200lbf

Members: Xiaohang Tong (Leader, D1), Qian Gao (D2), Tsukasa Yamazaki (M1), Yuxuan Hu (M1), Tomotaka Suzuki (4th year)

Maximum load capacity: 8,307lbf

Bridge weight: 725g

〈Your impression & future plan〉

Ruochen Xu:
We are honored to be the winner of the IHI / SAMPE Japanese Student Bridge Tournament. I sincerely thank everyone in the team for winning the award. I would like to continue working hard on my research.

Xiaohang Tong:
We have done a good job winning a second-place finish in the contest. It is a pleasure that the efforts of all the teammates are rewarded. We also want to express our sincere gratitude to our supervisor professor Takahashi who has given us valuable advice and to all the lab members who have offered their enormous help. For the coming world tournament of this contest, we will spare no efforts to improve the design and technique and try our best.

Xu et al Winner of Category B


Tong et al Second Prize of Category B

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