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for students

We at Department of Systems Innovation aim at creating personnel with the following capabilities: to make decisions strategically based on unilateral and panoramic viewpoints; to develop advanced technology components from a panoramic viewpoint with analytical capabilities in specific specialized fields; and to develop innovative systems. In our master’s program, the main focus is creating personnel capable of expert performance in systems innovation in respective fields after establishing the basis in specific engineering fields as well as comprehensive understanding of concepts and methodology of systems science. In our doctoral program, the aim is creating advanced professionals in systems innovation to solve the challenges in a series of processes: to define problems by themselves in real life, to plan and prepare a project team for the solution; and to apply the acquired special knowledge and skills organically as a member of the project team. In addition, the aim is to generate researchers who can analyze processes in a scientific manner for turning the processes into universal practice.

Core Competence of Curriculum

System Thinking Ability to identify the essence of a problem using a cross-disciplinary, panoramic and systematic approach. Ability to solve complex problems in the real world by turning a problem into a model so that it is possible to apply mathematical and empirical approaches Sufficient knowledge and skill to be recognized as a professional in specific engineering fields Comprehensive ability as a human active in society while keeping good company with people around and continuously developing individual potential.


Japanese Language Class in Special Program for Systems Innovation

The Department of Systems Innovation offers Japanese language class to overseas students and researchers who are assigned to our Department, and their spouses.

The aim of the Japanese Language Class is to develop students’ all round communication skills (i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing) of Japanese at the Beginners and Intermediate level, and to enable students to familiarize themselves with study and enhance their life in Japan.

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Our vision for our gaduates

Our belief for our graduates is that they will be assigned as 1) leading engineers or administrators in various industrial and business sectors for planning and research of new products or new business, regardless of hardware, software or service; 2) specialized public administrators responsible for design, decision making and implementation of social systems including public policy; and 3) researchers of the study of systems innovation or interdisciplinary academic research subjects.